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Dispelling these myths

Simon Wilson

02 May 2022

This week, we’re addressing many of the myths that surround custom fitting for golf clubs. We look at why there’s no need to ‘fear the fitting’, the importance of focusing on certain areas and how bad shots can actually be helpful...surely not!

It’s only for better players

This is probably the most common myth in the world of custom fitting. It’s also one of the strangest to us, since higher-handicap golfers have even more room for improvement. Sure, custom-fitted clubs can help elite players get even more dialled-in, but it can also help less confident ball-strikers keep drives in play or find more greens

Golf swings change over time...

Neil Tappin

You already know your spec

You might already have a rough idea of whether you need a stiff or light shaft, a forgiving or precise clubhead, etc. from previous fitting sessions. However, club manufacturers are always developing newer, better designs that can get even more out of your game. On top of that, it’s worth considering that the way you swing your clubs changes over time as you develop your game. What worked for you five years ago might be costing you now, or at the very least not getting the most out of your game.

You have to play well

As Neil says in the video, it is actually useful for us to see some of the poor shots you’re hitting. In order to give you the most effective fitting session, we really want a rounded view of your game; the good, the bad and the ugly. We’re looking to help you improve, so you should never worry about bringing your A Game at a fitting, so long as it’s your game.

Good custom fitting will take into account some of your bad shots.

Neil Tappin

Forget the short-game

Finally, we come to the most damaging myth of all. Wedges and putters are called ‘scoring clubs’ for a reason; they’re where good scores are won and lost. When it comes to wedges, there are so many different set-ups of bounce, grind, loft and model that it can get confusing. However, these all exist because the right set-up in your wedges is critical for ensuring you always have the tools to pull off the shot required.

We hope this article clears up the world of custom fitting for you, but you can always come and speak to us about this in-person by visiting us in the pro shop. We’ll always be happy to help you in any way we can!

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