Distance or accuracy: What’s your pick?

Simon Wilson

17 October 2022

Top-5 driving distance vs. accuracy in 2022 season, according to PGA Tour Stats
Top-5 driving distance vs. accuracy in 2022 season, according to PGA Tour Stats

When you look at the table above, what jumps out at you?

For us, it’s the stark contrast between serial winners and… well, a lack of wins. Of course, if you’re going to play on the PGA Tour you have to be pretty decent at golf, but there is another level to the likes of Rory and Rahm.

It’s been pretty common knowledge in golf for some time now that hitting it far is fun. When you add up the win totals of each column it’s quite hard to ignore that the big-hitting game seems to work. Hitting it far with confidence-inspiring accuracy - now there's a lethal combo.

Callaway's Rogue ST driver in action

Getting away from the Tour for a second, let’s talk about you. Are you trying to eek out a few extra yards or focusing on finding the fairway? More importantly, could you be getting more out of your drives?

The whole idea behind Callaway’s Rogue ST drivers was to go further. The bright-gold Tungsten Speed Cartridge at the rear of the driver isn’t just for show; it’s proven to be one of the industry’s most effective technologies for increasing speed and, in turn, distance on drives.

Callaway Rogue ST driver
Callaway Rogue ST driver

But, of course, guys like Jon Rahm aren’t hitting it 320 yards out of bounds. Rahm in particular benefits from Callaway’s Triaxial Carbon Crown, which allows Callaway to reposition weight and deliver more forgiving drives; keeping them in-play (or even on the fairway!). The best part? You can get the same technology in your Rogue ST driver!

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