Spinning around

Simon Wilson

26 June 2023


Here's a fun question:

which kind of shot with which club do you think is the most satisfying to pull off?

Some of us love nothing more than being able to bomb it down the fairway with a driver, while for others the fist-pump moment is reserved for when the ball actually finds the back of the cup after reading the line perfectly and sinking a particularly tough putt.

Not to be overlooked, one of the best sensations you can feel on the golf course is when you hit a wedge shot just right and your ball pops up in the air, clearing any hazards with ease, to land on the short grass and trickle next to the hole. It’s a particularly stylish way to finish a hole and if you sink one of these shots in front of the clubhouse, you’ll undoubtedly get a huge cheer from those watching.

A big part of being able to hit the perfect wedge shot is knowing how to manipulate your spin effectively. Please read on as we give you an overview on how to generate spin, as well as offer you an excellent recommendation in the form of the latest Cleveland wedges.


Making your shot count

Making decent spin with your wedges isn’t easy, but the more practice you put in, the more consistent your shots will be. There are a lot of factors that contribute to how much backspin you put on the ball, including what kind of ball you’re using, and how clean your contact with the ball is.

When it comes to getting the most backspin out of your ball, you’ll benefit from higher caliber balls that have a urethane coating. These balls are much more receptive to spin and give you more control over your shots.

If you want to pull off effective wedge shots, great contact is everything. You need to hit the ball with a smooth strike and with enough speed that the ball will easily pop up in the air. You should maintain good form as your club comes down and behind the ball, accelerating through the shot to get the best result.


Wear and tear


You’ll probably be aware, but wedge grooves get worn down the more you play. It’s estimated that wedges may last for about 60 or 70 rounds before any wearing has occurred and a dip in performance becomes noticeable.

That being said, it’s the kind of change that can be hard to notice going from round to round. You might therefore subconsciously compensate for the lower spin by landing the ball further away from your target.

So, if you play golf once a week and want to get the most your of your wedges, you may want to change them every 18 months or so to keep your equipment in top form.


How do Cleveland wedges help?


We want you to have the best short game possible, and you’ll be chipping with pinpoint accuracy when you head out with the CBX Full-Face 2 wedges from Cleveland.

The UltiZip grooves are incredibly sharp and the tech in the HydraZip face adds a roughness to your strike, meaning you’ll be making more contact with the ball and for a longer duration. This enhanced friction will help you generate the best spin possible.

Cleveland has even gone so far as to feature a new bounce chamfer near the edge of the lining to help reduce chunking near greens. These clubs also look fantastic and are available in a sleek chrome finish.

Are you looking to add some new wedges to your bag? Are you currently playing with a set that’s lost its lustre? We have a fantastic selection of wedges in the pro shop. If you’re thinking of buying some new clubs, please consult us and we’ll walk you through all the fantastic clubs we have available.

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