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Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge

Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge

Simon Wilson

With the CBX Full-Face 2 wedge in hand, you'll be unleashing your inner Seve and hitting consistently better shots out of greenside bunkers and around the greens. Who knew golf could be this fun?!

Golf is at its best when it allows for creativity. By putting Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 wedges in your bag, you'll have the confidence to hit open-face shots from a variety of lies. Bunkers, rough or the great escape, these full-face grooves combined with a new HydraZip face - designed to boost spin from any greenside condition - will add a variety of shots to your short game armoury.

  • Dynamic HydraZip face maximizes friction for improved spin consistency
  • The face is more matte and has reduced glare at address compared to previous model
  • ZipCore technology reduces any vibrations while perfecting GC and boosting MOI for increased feel and control
  • UltiZip sharp grooves on the face maximize contact effectiveness, offering more spin and control
  • Larger face size, a bigger contact area means more grooves from hosel-to-toe for forgiveness
  • Full sole design on 50°-52° lofts provide forgiveness on full-swing shots
  • C-Shaped sole on the 54°-60° lofts offer both forgiveness and versatility
  • Lofts feature new bounce chamfer near edge lining to reduce chunking near greens
  • Lofts 50°, 54°, and 58° available in RH
  • Lofts 52°, 56°, and 60° available in RH/LH
Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge


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