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Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges

Simon Wilson

Having a forgiving wedge allows you to go for glory with more confidence, less fear and better results. Enter CBX ZipCore.

The ZipCore and Hollow Cavity technologies combine to give you forgiving performance with all CBX ZipCore wedges. The low-density core and hollow heel cavity help optimise MOI and give you balanced weighting. You can even enjoy this performance out of deep rough, too!

Key features & benefits:

  • ZipCore is a low-density, lightweight core at the heart of the wedge that boosts forgiveness
  • Weight in the toe and a hollow cavity near the heel gives you a balanced, forgiving strike
  • UltiZip grooves are sharp, deep & close together to maximise spin and cut through debris
  • Dynamic Soles change depending on the loft for optimised performance on every shot
  • V-Shaped Sole (44°- 52° for Men's, 48°- 52° for Women's), S-Shaped Sole (54°- 56°), C-Shaped Sole (58°- 60°)
  • Available in lofts 44 to 60 degrees

We love the way these wedges bring greenside control to everybody, but you can find that out for yourself by clicking the enquiry button.

Cleveland CBX ZipCore Wedges


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